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Welcome to V Gymwear

My name's Leah Clyne, mum of three and grandma to one and I'm the person behind V Gymwear.

My mission is to bring gym wear & leisure wear that is  

  • attractive,

  • comfortable to wear

  • easy to wash 

  • affordable

to women of all shapes and sizes so that they can feel comfortable exercising. 


A couple of years ago I was stuck doing a job I hated and feeling stressed all the time. I stopped exercising and the weight piled on. Having hit rock bottom, I dragged myself to the gym and forced myself to do a spin class. It wasn't easy but eventually I got myself fit again and decided to retrain as a fitness/personal trainer.

As you can imagine – I now live my life in gym wear!  It’s my uniform, and after struggling to find kit that was affordable, easy to wear and looked good, I decided to create my own brand of gym and leisure wear. And V Gymwear was born!

I hope you like what you see, this is just the beginning of the journey – further items will be added as time goes on. If you make a purchase – thank you, it means a lot.

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